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Ballet (for infants aged 3 - 6)
Ballet initiates young girls into the basic principles of classical dance so that they develop agility, musical skill and harmony of expression.
Apart from being a fascinating sight, the girls who participate in this activity exude a sense of exquisite serenity and emotional stability .
They learn to control their body, co-ordinate their movements and be in tune. Twice a week they are taught the art of ballet dancing which develop both their physical and mental skills.
Swimming (for infants aged 3 - 6)
Children enjoy being in contact with water. Their morning schedule allows for swimming once a week. The programme of afternoon activities extends their contact with the water and gives them the chance to take great pleasure while swimming in the nursery school pool, which has been especially designed for young swimmers.
Specialised trainers take it upon themselves to instill the joy of swimming and the sense of safety in the hearts of infants.
Infants learn the basics of swimming, take part in swimming tournaments and above all enjoy exercising a unique sport which is not only delightful and relaxing, but also prepares them for a fear free and safe contact with the sea.
TAE KWON DO (for infants)
In our nursery school dojo children get a taste of this sport for the first time.
From a very early age they learn to make maneuvers and dodge attacks and practice
exercises for physical fitness, mental discipline and body control.
Junior Scores (for infants)
Junior athletes follow the guidelines of specially trained instructors so as to get acquainted with the basic principles of football, but most of all, to perform suitable exercises. These exercises contribute to their good physical condition and also boost their self-confidence.

Depending on their age, kids attend one of the following courses:
Group A: In this introductory course, kids are taught elements of balance, coordination, control and ball running. What is more, they acquire the experience of their first scoring.
Group B: Kids in this group are taught how to dribble, roll and practise simple movements of football techniques.
Group C: Kids are finally placed into groups and they are taught defense techniques. Additionally, they are given the opportunity to put everything they learnt into practice, through participating in a double game 3X3.

Mini-Tennis (for kindergarten and junior students)
Kids are getting to know the secrets of mini-tennis, through pioneering techniques and games, under the surveillance and supervision of skilled coaches. At the same time, they are given the chance to develop coordinative and adaptive skills, sharpen their observation and build up their physical condition; thus, they pave the way for learning the techniques of this sport, and developing them from a very early age.

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Schoolbooks for the Ministry
Teachers of Ellinogermaniki Agogi have authored the official schoolbooks for Science in the 5th and 6th Grade of Primary School, and for German in High School.
In school year 2006-2007, state-of-the-art, high-standard new school premises for all levels of education started their operation in Pallini.
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