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Music is not simply a pleasant and creative recreational outlet. It is a need and a refuge for modern man. It offers self-confidence, organization and structure in our way of thinking; it helps create people with acute sensitivity and intelligence. These considerations encouraged our decision to establish our "Conservatory", which is officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture. The Conservatory of Ellinogermaniki Agogi employs select musicians, whose goal is not just to provide modern musical instruction but to also enable students to play music from the very first steps. There is a range of courses available among which are music preparatory instruction courses, courses on classical music, superior theory, modern jazz and rock courses Also courses on drums and Latin-American percussion instruments, courses on Greek popular and traditional music, courses on musical technology, preparatory courses in musicology and music ensembles of all levels will be at your disposal, to choose the one that expresses you the most.

Preliminary instruction in music, courses for children of Kindergarten and the 1st Primary class, a modern system of music-kinetic education with songs, musical games and small and simple musical instruments are also offered. The ideal way to start learning music is through group musical practice and games with rhythm and singing.

Classical music
Musical instruments: piano, classic guitar, violin, violoncello, flute, saxophone and percussion instruments. Chose what suits you.
Classical song: for those who love singing and wish to study its technique correctly.
Theoretics: Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition but also preparatory courses for the Musicology Class at taught by experienced and acknowledged musicians.


Modern music
Are you a rock type? Do you love jazz or are you moved by Latin-American music? Make your dream come true! Study the music you love, set up a group under the right guidance and play the songs you love!
Moreover: modern singing with the proper technique and potential of cooperation with modern instrumental groups.

Musical technology
In a computerised era, music utilizes the new feats of technology. All musical programmes and their practical applications are taken advantage of. Up-to-date techniques of sound engineering are put into effect.

Preparatory courses in Musicology
If you have chosen Musicology for your university studies, we undertake your best possible preparation for the pan-Hellenic introduction exams in music.

Greek folk and traditional music
Traditional instruments and singing - Traditional musical instruments.
Study the theory and practice of our folk or traditional music with experienced and well-known teachers.

Instrumental Groups
Participation in music ensembles from the very first steps of studying impressively accelerates students' learning and provides children and grown-ups with a powerful motive for a better performance. Moreover, it offers greater enjoyment and rewards the pain and efforts of individual study. At the Conservatory of Modern Musical Expression we have made the creation of music ensembles in all areas of music studies our top priority.

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Schoolbooks for the Ministry
Teachers of Ellinogermaniki Agogi have authored the official schoolbooks for Science in the 5th and 6th Grade of Primary School, and for German in High School.
In school year 2006-2007, state-of-the-art, high-standard new school premises for all levels of education started their operation in Pallini.
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