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COME ALONG with your experiment!
The participants in this group of junior scientists are high school students who meet at the Science and Chemistry Labs of the school once a week. The main activity of this group is carrying out various Science and Chemistry experiments beyond the ones that are already integrated in the curriculum. Discussing the above experiments and presenting them to the wide public are also part of the work.
This activity aims at familiarizing students with the research process so that they can reckon the catalytic role of technology in the transmission of knowledge. Kids cultivate their sense of awareness, enrich their knowledge of Science and learn how to interpret daily phenomena on a scientific basis.
The results of the team's work are either presented at a special event or published at the official website of Ellinogermaniki Agogi.
Afternoon classes of German (for pupils of all grades)
Teaching German is covered through the morning program. Students are taught German daily for one or two hours, depending on the level. Children are streamed into levels according to their ability. The aim is to learn to attain fluency and obtain, when the age is right, the certificates issued by the Goethe Institute and to prepare for the KMK Deutches Sprachdiplom der Kultusminister Konferenz exams. These exams, along with the students' Lyceum diploma ensures their admission to German Universities without the requirement of additional language exams. For those cases where a student needs additional help, either to accelerate for a certificate or to cover more effectively the syllabus of his/her level, the school offers the option of afternoon support classes.
Afternoon classes of English (for pupils of all grades)
Teaching English is our basic priority. Our aim is to teach the children to use the language effectively, communicate fluently but also obtain the Michigan and/or Cambridge certificates, when the age and knowledge permit.
Teaching English starts in the 3rd grade of Primary school. In high-school and Lyceum students are divided in levels of ability and the classes are homogeneous and small. There are support classes which run in the afternoon, that complement and accelerate learning. Afternoon classes are also small in numbers and students are again streamed according to level of knowledge and aims. Afternoon classes are taught by teachers of the morning program, who are familiar with the needs of the students and thus have a more complete picture of their performance.
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Schoolbooks for the Ministry
Teachers of Ellinogermaniki Agogi have authored the official schoolbooks for Science in the 5th and 6th Grade of Primary School, and for German in High School.
In school year 2006-2007, state-of-the-art, high-standard new school premises for all levels of education started their operation in Pallini.
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