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All Sport Camp


Football Camp
When football was introduced to our camp we didn't simply intend to provide the students with a safe place in which they could spend some pleasant hours playing.
Our primary aim was to teach them the techniques and secrets of the game of football and to enable them to trace their flair if any - and therefore pursue it accordingly.
Undoubtedly, our aims could not have been achieved if it had not been for the help of people who are real experts in football and have the skill to teach others. One of those people is Ilias Berios, a regular associate, who makes sure that he and his well known colleagues are next to our students every summer teaching them the real art of football.
They, in fact, teach students that football should not be taken on for money and fame but love for the actual game since this is the only way to approach the sport and realize one's dreams. So even if children do not all become professional players they become fans who disapprove of and fight against any act of hooliganism and support fair play.
Furthermore since we like evolving and have never been static we, have introduced in our sport camp one of the most popular sports in the world, namely a 5X5 football pitch. A 5X5 football pitch probably constitutes one of the safest types of football for all children living in big cities as is played within protected and secure areas.
Therefore, children do not run the risk of injuring or putting themselves in any danger. Such an amenity has been created in our school and we have hosted renowned football players to teach our students.
Thus, students are taught how to control the ball, tackle, triple, shoot, deliver a corner, avoid foul and also valuable pieces of advice are given concerning the art of attacking and defending.
All Sport Camp
This section comprises Sports, which only a few are familiar with, but would like to take up. Summer is the most favourite season for all, both adults and youngsters. How is it possible then to invite children to the 'Sports' camp and not offer them fun and entertainment? For us this camp is neither simply of an educational character, after all it is summer, nor does it only serve entertainment. And because for us sports is not only football and basketball, we have realized our extreme vision for training through the All Sport Camp.
Our ambition is to watch smiling faces, excited children participating in activities and feeling happy, making new friends while making the most of their summer holidays; and we achieve this by creating the appropriate conditions. We offer children the chance to visit the beach so that the camp looks more like holidays than school.


We aim at activating children's imagination by giving them the opportunity to deal with not so well known sports.

In the All Sport camp children will detect and develop many aspects of their character they did not imagine they possess. They will learn various things by uniquely combining games with education, fun with creation, discovery with conquest.


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