The basic product of the proposed pilot study in the training program for coaches of wheelchair basketball. The program will include all units included in contemporary schools of coaching basketball (Coaching, Sports Psychology, Sociology, Sport-Medicine, Educational Studies, Management and Organisation etc..) re-designed for the special interests and needs of disabled people. Specialists in the area and educators will present the units (theory and practice). It should be mentioned that the training program will provide the participants with all knowledge necessary to work as coaches. The program will be presented through the Internet so as to give the opportunity for long-distance training to athletes of different organisations.

The web-tool will include except the seminars, useful information for wheelchair basketball, a bulleting board for comments and notes amongst the trainees and educators as well as an area where the answers to most frequently asked questions (FAQ) on training matters will be answered. The program's web tool will be developed from the start and it will be following its development, as it will be always informed of any material for training as well as any activities.

The accompanying material will include:

  • A guiding manual for the trainees (approx. 100 pages)
  • A good-practice guide (approx. 200 pages) that will be the proposal for the development of the activities of the training centers for disabled people.
  • A DVD ROM that will describe the scientific approach of the matter, the seminars with specific reference to the already existing internet material and the complete series of tutorials.