The project Training for Life responds to the following aims of the present phase of the Leonardo da Vinci program incorporating equal opportunities as well as abilities which are based on the new technologies.


1st aim: To develop the skills and abilities of people mainly young ones that are at the beginning of their professional development in any level, having in mind the easier incorporation and rehabilitation in terms of professionalisation.

Disabled people are in a disadvantaged position in relation to sports. The proposed project aims at lessening the feeling of non-participation in the well-known game of basketball by giving the chance to disabled people to be active in the area of coaching. Recent efforts of associations and union of disabled people need the support of a scientific and systematic methodology of incorporating disabled people in the area of sports.


2nd aim: To promote and support the contribution of professional training in the process of innovation, having as an objective the development of competition as well as entrepreneurial spirit especially in the area of employment.

The proposed project aims at the creation of a pioneering training program for young disabled people who love sports and want to be active as well as work professional in this area. The pilot program refers to basketball, which is widely known in Europe and is a source of inspiration to a large number of people. The trainees will have the chance to be professionally active not only in the area of basketball with wheelchair but also as coaches in any kind of team.

The proposed project "Training for life" helps disabled people to overcome the feeling of being left out from the area of sports by reinforcing their access to training through the proposed pilot study, as part of the program of different European training centers. The proposed project aims at raising the public's awareness on the topic of training fro disabled people through human resources and by using new methods of training (open and distance learning) that guarantees the maximum efficiency and dissemination of the project. It also aims at the acquisition of new skills from disabled people that will be necessary for their participation in the area of sports. We note that up to today no action has been noted in the above area while this project introduces in a pilot way a new scientific approach especially designed for the acquisition of skills by disabled people.

A major part in the development of the present project was the role of the participants so that all special characteristics could be covered sufficiently and scientifically. Basic aim of the project is to develop a sufficient training program for coaching wheelchair basketball, through a systemized and scientifically proven approach that will take into consideration recent methods of coaching as well as the special characteristics of this approach. EL.E.P.A.P, the largest Greek rehabilitation organization for disabled people, CEJAC and C.A.F.A are willing to incorporate in the programs the proposed approach while D.P.S. that organizes the National Championship of wheelchair basketball in Slovenia and the "Oldam Owls" will give the chance to their athletes to become professionally involved with coaching wheelchair basketball. "Oldam Owls" have one the largest associations of wheelchair basketball in Europe and they are the champion team in the national championship in the U.K., while D.P. Ljubljana, that will participate in the project under the supervision on D.P.S. is the champion team in the national Slovenia Championship. The participation of the Rehabilitation and Sports Center for disabled people from the Department of Physical Training and Sports as well as the National Center of Research for basketball Pedro Ferrandiz covers the scientific side of the project.

Specific Objectives

a) The development of a scientifically supported proposal for the incorporation of sports activities as part of programs in European training centers for disabled people.
b) The development of a curriculum of basketball coaching for wheelchair as a necessary step for the wider dissemination of the sport. It should also be mentioned that the participation of companies with different areas of specialization and from different countries of the EU, guarantees the maximum circulation of results in Europe.
c) Support of wheelchair basketball as well as other sports for people with special needs. Coaching is a necessary requirement for the development of any sport and the development of a complete, scientifically supported proposal for the training of coaches for wheelchair basketball contributes to the quality and meaningful upgrading of the sport itself.
d) Creation of material for coaching wheelchair basketball as well as basketball in general that could be easily accessed by the public through the Internet.