Koľko jazykov vieš, toľkokrát si človekom
The more languages you know,
the more of a person you are.
(Slovak proverb)

The ability to communicate in two or more languages - already a daily reality for a large number of people across the globe - is a desirable life-skill for all European citizens. Not only does this ability improve cognitive skills and enable people to work or study in another country, but it also encourages us to become more open to other peoples' cultures and outlooks and helps us to understand what "Europe" means to us.

On the background of these considerations, the this year's Third Conference of the Comenius-Network "DaF-Suedost" under the title "Languages - Cultures - European Identity: Education and Training for Tomorrow" wants to provide a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas not only on the teaching and learning of German, one of the most widely spoken European languages, but to give incentives to discuss achievements and future challenges concerning European language education and the concept of the European citizenship.

For this purpose, the Conference will host talks and workshops on issues of teaching and learning German as a Foreign Language, but include also events celebrating the learning of less widely taught European languages, and teacher training workshops on topics related to European identity and citizenship. The Conference is being co-organized with the Association of Teachers of German in Greece, the Comenius Teacher Training Project on European Awareness, "On the Edge" and the European Language Project for the Promotion of the Greek and the Bulgarian Language, "Read It Easy".

By bringing together experts in the field of Languages and European Education from all over Europe we hope to stimulate an exchange of innovative ideas and valuable experiences on strategies, methodologies and tools. Thus, this conference aims at strengthening the European dimension to the field of German as a Foreign Language, giving opportunity for academics, teachers, teacher trainers and material developers to present and discuss theory and practice of language education and intercultural relations in Europe.


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DLV German Teachers’ Association in Greece
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