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 Researching and Discovering

In the series “Primary Science: Researching and Discovering” the evolving research teaching model is proposed for the coordination of the educational procedure; this model constitutes a pedagogical approach to the classic scientific research method, i.e. the method through which the scientist, the researcher, the human being researched in the past, and still researches, the natural world. In the evolving research model the teacher seeks triggers stimulating students’ interest, poses problems to students prompting them to formulate hypotheses, activates them towards the execution of experiments and the recording of their observations, causes discussion for the generalisation of the observations and the drawing of conclusions, and ensures the consolidation of new knowledge by leading the students progressively to generalisation, transfer and application of knowledge in the phenomena of everyday life.

The educational material of “Primary Science: Researching and Discovering” includes two books for the student and a teacher’s handbook. The exercise workbook is a basic book containing instructions for the experimental course through which the student is called to “discover” the phenomena. The student textbook is a supporting book. It includes an abundance of elements and information that enrich the lesson and make it interesting. Under no circumstances, however, should the use of this book threaten the discovering character of the student work.

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