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Introduction to the survey


Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire!

This survey is being carried out in the framework of a European Commission study on the impact of Comenius Multilateral Projects and Comenius Multilateral Networks.

Your responses will help us understand better the ways in which Comenius Multilateral Projects and Multilateral Networks may make a difference for individuals, institutions, and school systems in Europe’s schools and teacher training centres – they will help us, and Europe, understand the real impact of these Comenius Actions.

At the same time, your participation in our survey will help you make your voice heard, and your work more visible and widely known, at the European level.

By completing this questionnaire, you will not be asked to reveal any personal or sensitive data to us. You will be given the opportunity, however, to provide us with your name, email address and/or telephone number, if you wish to be contacted because you are further interested in this study, or because you would be willing to let us know more about your views.

Completing this questionnaire shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes. You will not be forced to answer any questions which you might not wish to respond to. However, we would very much appreciate your answers to the open-ended questions. Even a few words there will greatly help us to understand you better and correctly communicate your views to the European Commission.

Thank you very much for your invaluable input! Let's start!


This questionnaire is being administered in the context of a European Commission study entitled "Study of the Impact of Comenius Centralised Actions: Comenius Multilateral Projects and Comenius Multilateral Networks". The study started in December 2010 and will last two years. It is being carried out by an international research team assembled by Ellinogermaniki Agogi, to whom it was awarded following a call for tenders (EAC/17/2010). Contact.