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Aims and Objectives

The proposed project is aiming at the development of a new model of teachers' training that assists teaching in multigrade schools. The project will be based on a close cooperation between pedagogical experts, trainers, policy makers and teachers.

In detail, the aims of the MUSE project, are:

  • The development of a specialised in-service training programme for teachers in multigrade schools. Within the framework of the project a specially designed training programme will be developed in order to meet the needs of the teachers. The program includes training on the methodological approaches applying to the multigrade school environment. In addition the training programme focuses on the familiarization of teachers with the use of ICT as an assisting tool for multigrade teaching. The training will be delivered to the teachers through ODL techniques.

  • The enhancement professional skills of multigrade schoolteachers and the development of abilities to design didactic plans according to the needs of the specific school environment. The proposed training programme includes extended presentation of case studies and examples of good practice on how teachers have to face the particularities of the multigrade school environment. The teachers participating in the project will be trained in designing and implementing cross-curricula applications, projects and activities.

  • The development of a model that allows continuous training and support of the multigrade schoolteachers. The proposed project will develop a platform for continuous interaction between teachers and trainers.

  • The conduction of an intervention study on multigrade teaching across Europe: The project is implemented in multigrade school environments in Greece, Finland, Spain and United Kingdom. Through systematic ethnographic research the partnership will study the attitudes of teachers with different cultures towards the application of the proposed approach as well as the attitudes between teachers themselves coming from the same country.

  • To make recommendations on multigrade teaching policy and practice. By the end of the project's life cycle a detailed report (good practice guide) will be prepared and distributed to education policy makers of the participating countries. The project intends to raise awareness of policy makers, pedagogical experts, educational authorities, problems and the needs of multigrade teaching.

  • The enhancement of communication between the remote multigrade school teaching environment and outside educational community. The aim of the project is to create a virtual educational society where teachers will be able to communicate with the academic community and will be familiarized with the idea of international cooperation and networking.

  • The formation of a European network on the multigrade school education. The partnership aims at initiating a network on the multigrade school education. Within the framework of the project a virtual educational community (teachers, researchers, policy makers) will be formed in order to exchange experiences, proposals and ideas for the qualitative improvement of the multigrade education.
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