International Astronimical Summer School, Rozhen 2006

Institute of Astronomy with the National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen, Bulgaria, and the Informational Center for European Educational Programmes -Bulgaria organized International Youth Astronomical Summer Schools. Students, interested in astronomy, had the opportunity to participate in observations of astronomical objects, listened to lectures and will made discussions in the National Astronomical Observatory- Rozhen. Together with astronomers from the Observatory the young people worked on interesting observational programmes, they have been taught in the Planetarium in Smolian town.

The students were informed about D-Space service, and its educational use. Matters about robotic telescopes and observational technical topics discussed and finally the students realized their observational requests concerning Comet C/2004 B1 using D-Space service. The next day the students logged in D-Space Library and downloaded the requested images. At the end the participants (students from high schools and universities) made astronometric and photometric analysis of the images.

The were 10 students from the University in Madrid (most of them physics and astrophysics students), 7 students from Astronomical courses in Astronomical observatory and planetarium in Varna, 1 astrophysics student from Connecticut College, USA, 1 physics student from Bremen University, Germany, 1 graduate student from the University of Maryland, USA and 3 amateur astronomers.

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