Total Solar Eclipse on the 29th of March

A Total Solar Eclipse, centered on 10:12 UT, was visible across Africa (from the coast of Ghana into Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, and the Libya/Egypt border), the Mediterranean, Turkey, and central Asia. Greatest eclipse, with 4 minutes 7 seconds of totality, occured in southern Libya. Regions near the path of totality will see a partial solar eclipse. The DSpace team (Vagelis Tsamis, Kyriaki Tigani, Stefanos Sofologis - Greek Astronomical Society - Sofoklis Sotiriou, Stavros Savas - Ellinogermaniki Agogi - and Costas Tsolakidis - University of Aegean) traveled to Kasteloriso and set up two solar telescopes with CCD cameras to observe the phenomenon.
The emission was be realized from the school of Kastelorizo.

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Photo reports from Kastelorizo 

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