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Welcome to DSpace, your Virtual Observatory! In order tio make the most out of the service you only need to follow the pending steps in order to subscribe and log in. This will only take you few minutes. It is very easy!

 Here you will find information about the types of membership in which you can register:

  • Full member.
    Full membership includes full access to the network of the robotic telescopes and to the DSpace library. Full members could receive pedagogical and technological support during the usage of the service, newsletters and educational materials as well as regular information on upcomming events. Full members have priority access to DSpace services.
  • Assocciate member.
    Assocciate membership includes access to a limited area of the DSpace image library and full access to educational materials. Assocciate members are regularly informed about the upcomming events.

The service is currently running for evaluation and validation purposes. For that reason is free of charge for all users. Furthermore you have to choose your type of membership from the scroll down menu. All types of membership are:

   a. School
   b. University & Research Institution
   c. Science Center
   d. Amateur astronomer or individual user