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The COSMOS project is a pan-European initiative co-funded by the European Commission under the eContentPlus programme. The aim of the COSMOS project is to use existing digital educational content related to astronomy and physics and make it more usable and accessible for end- users. This will be achieved through the COSMOS Portal, a service employing bleeding-edge metadata technologies to offer users significant versatility in retrieving the information they need. The specific objectives of COSMOS are: • To offer unified access to high quality digital educational content related to physics and astronomy. To that end, we will use two major existing repositories, the Discovery Space Portal and the Educational Repository of the Schools Observatory Project. These repositories include thousands of educational projects, activities, lesson plans, astronomical images and scientific data, videos and simulations of physical phenomena, questionnaires and on-line test. • To implement a set of tools (COSMOS Toolbox) for enriching educational content with relevant metadata and for designing new Learning Activities. • To validate the COSMOS Portal service in real- world environments throughout Europe (Greece, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Finland and Sweden) at high school and university level. • To formulate a recommendation for a European Quality Certification for Science Education Content.