The COLLAGE project lifecycle is now complete. Please consult the website for details on game scenarios, platform use and communication with partners.

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How to play a game on the COLLAGE

When students play a game on the COLLAGE platform they need to know that for every site there are various Game Paths (learning scenarios) that they need to take in order to win a game.

The site may be identified with a physical location, for example an archaeological site such as the Knossos Palace.

A Game Path, e.g. the path 'Through the Central Court', consists of a sequence of Questions that you need to successfully answer.
The concept of a Game Path represents a set of question that is related to a specific area of the site, such as a court, a room or a building. Following a Game Path is like facing a challenge such as understanding the way of living in Minoan times, the heating mechanism in a Roman village, finding out how planes fly. Such a challenge drives the players to explore the Site, get lost, discover secret corners and win points.

Create your Team

On entering the COLLAGE platform, the first thing you need to do is to identify your team by entering you credentials, for example Team Id: xxxxx, Password: xxxx. (To apply for an ID and password please contact evi[at]ea[dot]gr.)  The author of the game you played (for example, Teacher: Evi Chryssafidou), is supposed to provide you with the school code and her Id. You need to add a mobile phone number so that you can receive SMS messages in the course of the game.

If you do not have a team yet you need to create one. In some games, roles will be assigned to the team members. Here we simply have the team's leader and the team's players. As soon as you create your team the platform prompts you to enter new Players (students) in the Team. You can add your fellow students' mobile numbers so that they can receive SMS messages too.

Go to Questions
As soon as you identify your team the COLLAGE platform prompts you to Select a Site. Let's choose the ' Marcus Septimius Maximianus, soldier ' Game Path. The Challenge is described in the screens that follow. The game starts.