The COLLAGE project lifecycle is now complete. Please consult the website for details on game scenarios, platform use and communication with partners.

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COLLAGE: Collaborative Learning Platform Using Game-like Enhancements

The COLLAGE  project brings to secondary school students and their teachers a mobile learning platform for context-dependent games. Fun, interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and challenge beyond the four walls of the classroom create new learning opportunities.

The COLLAGE platform supports the authoring and playing of a board-like game on a site of educational interest. The game is played with the aid of mobile learning technology (mainly mobile phones and PDA's, and GPS technology) with direct communication with players situated on site or in the classroom.

The COLLAGE project  is supported by the eLearning initiative of the European Commission; it started on 1 January 2006 and will be completed by 1 January 2008.