Following the priorities of Lisbon Strategy and European Community Career Guide network organises the 2nd conference for the future of Career Guidance in European Schools in Kaunas of Lithuania on 26th of October 2007.

Defending the overarching priority of Lifelong Learning Programme of European Commission, all public policies should include from now on a clear concept of Guidance and counseling by creating channels for successful transition between initial education, further training and career paths. Furthermore, it should focus on developing vocational education, exchanging experience and networking stakeholders, experts and institutions with a view to maximizing the contribution made by schools to reducing the youth unemployment.

Guidance helps to build confidence and to empower individuals as well as making people aware of new career possibilities, including civic, leisure, learning and work opportunities and promotes the balance of life and work. It promotes employability and adaptability by assisting people to make career decisions both on entering the labour market and on moving within it. Career Guidance also helps improve the effectiveness and efficiency of education and training provision and labour market instruments, both by promoting a closer match to individual and labour market needs and by reducing non-completion rates. Such public policy goals are fundamental to the attainment of the Lisbon European Council (2000) aim of making Europe the most competitive economy and knowledge based society in the world by 2010.

Innovative delivery methods can be used to widen access to career guidance on a more cost-effective basis. These can include group guidance; self-help techniques; the use of community members to deliver parts of programmes; the creation of open-access resource centres; the wider use of support staff; and outreach methods. ICT has a potentially important role to play in widening access, and can be used for purposes that range from the provision of information to raising people's self-awareness and improving their decision-making.